The impulse to commemorate the life of a deceased loved one with a public memorial is an enduring instinct that has given rise to a long tradition of monumental masonry. This tradition has not stood still however. The memorials we supply are created by craftsmen who take pride in combining their many years of experience in traditional skills with recently developed technology.

Today’s tools of the trade still require skilful handling but allow for quicker work, keeping prices affordable

These days it is possible to choose a material from a wide variety of locations around the world. Granites are often chosen for their durability, and for their potential to be polished to a high sheen, thereby bringing out the natural beauty of the crystals they contain.

We understand the importance of ensuring that a memorial is a fitting tribute to the deceased. This may require it to be simple and understated or more expressive and perhaps richly ornamented

Inscriptions may consist of the essential information of names and dates, or provide further information on the life of the deceased. An epitaph seeking to express precious memories and perhaps a sense of loss may be considered appropriate. We are happy to provide any guidance you may need, whether it is formulating a suitable inscription, choosing a design, or being informed about of any local regulations that may restrict your choice.

We hope you find this helpful.

It is informed by many years of serving that important need to commemorate, but remember, if you don’t see quite what you require here then there are an infinite number of possible memorial designs, subject to any restrictions imposed by the burial grounds or crematorium concerned.