Important Information

Here are some points for you to remember.

Churchyards and cemeteries have regulations concerning the type of memorials permitted.

Marble, black and coloured granites are not allowed, therfore the choice is usually between grey granites, slate and stones such as Crown, York and Portland.
Granite must be honed, or part honed to an eggshell finish,rather than being highly polished.
Only simple headstones are permitted, not kerb sets or memorials in the shape of open books or hearts.

In most cemeteries you are free to choose the design and material of your choice, although there may be restrictions on sizes, and kerb sets are often not allowed.

Local Authority and Church fees:
Before a memorial may be erected, permission must be obtained from the Church or local authority and a fee payed.
We include, in our service, the payment of this fee and the completion of the necessary application forms.

The ornamentation in this brochure is adaptable. It can be shown in your choice of material and on any suitable location on whichever shape of memorial you choose.
A darker colour granite can feature the sort of subtly shaded ornamentation and any material can feature the more straightforward ornamentation you see throughout our brochure, either guilded or painted a suitable colour to contrast with the granite or stone.
The design of the memorial can reflect the personality of the deceased. You may wish to choose ornamentation illustrating a profession or interest. In addition to those you see here, we have an extensive archive of designs, including military insignia, and if we don’t have quite what you need new designs can be created.
It is also possible to have a ceramic photoplaque added to the memorial, which can be a reproduction of a treasured photograph of your own. Such photo plaques are not, however, permitted in churchyards.

Container Holes:
The bases of headstones are normally bored with a hole, into which a flower container is placed. Please ask if you would like the hole in a different position to that shown in your chosen design – left, right or centre as you look at the headstone. Up to three holes can go in one base on a standard size memorial.

Code of Practice and Guarantee:
All our memorials are fixed according to the NAMM (National Association of Memorial Masons) code of working practice by our own BRAMM accredited fixing masons.
All our work carries a 10 year guarantee against vandalism and ground subsidence.

Additional work:
Services available include cleaning and restoration work and additional inscriptions to existing memorials, matched as closely as possible in style to original. You are welcome to ask for a no-obligation quote.